Even though the weather forecast was not optimistic, it didn’t prevent some 200 people, between Gabitel, Pronamic, Realza and Estudio Velódromo staff and family members to gather at the Centro Hípico Mariano Orta (Horseback Riding Center) during the October 12th holiday.

Our management team invited anyone who wanted to attend, starting at 11am, to enjoy a day of leisure with coworkers. Early birds arrived at 11 to take part in a hike by the Tinto riverbank. Meanwhile, at the Centro Hípico, the organizers prepared food and drinks to have everything ready by the time attendees arrived.

The smallest members of the team were neatly organized by ages, each group was accompanied by their instructor, who was in charge of making sure they took advantage of every moment, including a visit to the animals, horseback riding, gymkhana, sports and lots of crafts!

Thanks to the activities organized by Aotana the children forgot about adults from the moment they arrived to spend a wonderful day and make new friends. Meanwhile adults enjoyed delicious appetizers from the catering company Horno San Ramon and talked to their coworkers in a relaxed environment, outside the office walls where they are accustomed to relate.

At around 2 pm, even though the sky was still clear, we moved to the inside of the shed to participate in a Gymkhana in pairs, which was one of the most fun parts of the day. It included races, slingshots, jumps and falls, and great efforts by all participants to get the prize. The results were published on our website:

Fifth position Migue and Antonio at 4’25”
Fourth position Alfonso and Juanjo at 4’20”
Third position Angela and Carlos at 4’19”
Second position Cristobal and Aracely at 4’06”
First position Laura and Javi at 4’03”

After our effort, we needed to recharge our batteries, we had delicious food waiting for us, including dessert, and everything was amazing!

To end the day, the group “Los antiheroes” livened the afternoon with their 80s rock versions and their humor. Even our teammate Angel went on stage to join them! The music and talent lasted until 7pm.

To summarize, it was a wonderful day where everything went as planned, even the weather allowed us to enjoy the outdoors.

We want to thank the organizers Centro Hipico Mariano Orta and Aotana, who made our day 100% enjoyable. We want to go back soon! We also want to thank everyone who attended, at Gabitel we consider this type of event essential for the development of our company, as one of our favorite quotes says “if you can laugh together, you can work together” this is precisely the objective of these activities, to value our human capital at Gabitel Ingenieros, a team that makes us proud.