From our R&D&I department we are developing solutions that provide a value added to GABITEL INGENIEROS’ traditional activities.  In this sense, we are opting for new projects with diverse objectives such as:  improving safety, increasing productivity, providing our clients with cost and project control tools, among others.

  • ID through QR Code

Our QR VIDA system allows any mobile phone user with a QR reader app to access data for a person during emergency situations or in case of an accident. This way, both emergency crews and users who are helping can get instant access to information that can save a person’s life such as blood type, medical history, allergies, emergency contacts, among others.

+ info:  www.qrvida.com 


  • QR Code App and other wireless technologies for the industrial sector

In the industrial area, we are applying QR technology in conjunction with other wireless technologies such as NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 for multiple applications such as:

  • Network element ID (linked to GIS platforms)
  • Critical center access control
  • Warehouse control
  • Mobility Solutions

One of the main projects our company is working on is the use of mobile apps for those projects that require onsite data collection.  In this sense, we have developed apps for tablets and mobile phones for tasks such as:

  • Onsite data collection for FTTH design
  • Element inventory for energy audits
  • Safety inspections
  • Project follow-up and control

Every project we develop is accessible to our clients in real time through our GABIPLAN app.  This app enables them to check the status of their project at any time, including follow-up reports, financial information, etc.

Similarly, our DOCUAGRO app enables us to simplify document control for environmental requirements at agricultural farms and specific projects. 


  • Social applications

We develop applications with the goal of making life easier for citizens by integrating new information and communication technologies into our society.

An example of this is CHILD UP, the first application of its kind that manages and provides security in the process of picking up minors. This platform is specially designed for smartphones and tablets and helps the educational institution in the determination of responsibilities when it comes to managing the collection of students by authorized persons. But Child Up also covers three other needs that are usually present in all schools: sending and receiving communications and authorizations, implementing a virtual currency, and managing updated health data.