At Gabitel we are committed to lead the way of innovation in management.  We aim at including not only our own staff but also our suppliers, administrations and competitors as part of a global society, sharing with the community the need to be socially responsible.

We believe it is important to achieve a more equalitarian, responsible and fair society, where the needs of all the company members are fulfilled.

The day to day management of Gabitel makes its decisions taking into consideration not only financial aspects, which are very important, but also work flexibility, work-life balance, transparency and cooperation between companies.

These are some of the keys of Gabitel´s organization:

  • We promote the professional development of our workers. We constantly offer work improvement and personal development programs.  We are currently offering language courses for our staff.
  • Work-life balance is an important aspect of our scheduling process for workers.  We make every attempt to make their work schedule compatible with the time necessary for a healthy family life.
  • Our use of an internal communication system, ensures that the staff is always informed of any change or decision that may affect their daily work.
  • The hiring process does not allow for the discrimination of any prospective employee due to race, gender or religion.  At Gabitel we pursue parity between our male and female employees.
  • The salary of our staff is only related to their professional qualifications and their productive role within our organizational chart. There is no differentiation related to gender.
  • Gabitel has implemented, in its offices, the compliance of the Crime Prevention Plan, offering a confidential tip channel for staff, clients and suppliers.

pacto-mundial-onuIn April 2016, GABITEL INGENIEROS signed a letter of adhesion to the United Nations Global Compact. This document aims to promote a social dialogue to create global corporate citizenship that allows for the conciliation of organizational interests with the values and demands of civil society and UN projects, as well as the approach of unions and non-profit organizations.

Through this agreement, GABITEL INGENIEROS pledges to make this document and its principles part of the strategy, culture and daily actions in our organization. We will also get involved in cooperative projects that contribute to the widest UN Development objectives, particularly the Millennium Development Goals.

As part of this commitment, Gabitel sends an annual report about our progress, where we describe our efforts for the implementation of these 10 principles.


Increasing diversity is the great social change of the 21st century. Today, no human group can turn its back on evidence such as the consolidation of women in the labour market, the migrant population, the range of cultures, the diversity of lifestyles and differences in sexual orientation. In this context, the management of people in institutions must break with the notion, underlying many traditional practices, that those working in organisations are a homogeneous, undifferentiated category. On the contrary, we must assume that the workforce is made up of people with very different personal, cultural, social and demographic skills that make it easier and more necessary for people with very different needs, attitudes, values, motivations and knowledge to live together.

Companies that voluntarily sign the Diversity Charter respect the current regulations on equal opportunities and anti-discrimination, and assume the following basic principles:

  • To raise awareness of the principles of equal opportunities and respect for diversity, including them as company values and disseminating them among their staff.
  • To advance in the construction of a diverse workforce by promoting the integration of professionals with different profiles, depending on their gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, disability or any other personal or social circumstance.
  • To promote inclusion by favouring the effective integration of its members and avoiding direct or indirect discrimination in the workplace.
  • To consider diversity in all human resources policies, managing diversity across the board, as the basis and foundation for all decisions taken in this area.
  • To promote work-life balance by reaching equilibrium of work, family and leisure time, establishing mechanisms that allow for the alignment of work, family and personal life for the entire team.
  • To recognize the diversity of its customers, which is also a source of innovation and development.
  • To extend and communicate this commitment to its staff, disseminating the responsibility that the organization acquires by being a signatory of the Charter of Diversity to the whole company.
  • To disseminate this commitment among its suppliers, inviting them to join the community of companies in Spain that adhere to the voluntary agreement promoted by the Charter.
  • To transfer and make this commitment known to government entities, business organisations, trade unions and other social agents.
  • To reflect the activities in support of non-discrimination, as well as the results obtained from the implementation of diversity policies in the company’s annual report.

At GABITEL INGENIEROS we follow a Compliance Policy for current regulations. Our company guarantees the management of a prevention model, oversight for the functioning and compliance of the model and personnel monitoring and control.



At GABITEL INGENIEROS we are conscious of the importance of ensuring that our managers and supervisors have exercised proper control over their teams to avoid the risk of criminal liability of legal entities.

To achieve this, we have established a Crime Prevention Plan, a program that outlines the measures necessary to avoid active crime subjects, as required by Article 31bis of the Penal Code (introduced by LO 1/2015), and detect prospective offenses that may take place at our organization and if necessary, correct them.



During the year 2016, GABITEL INGENIEROS has launched the Ethical Channel, a complaint platform that provides accessible and confidential communication of actions that may have criminal transcendence for the company.  Customers, employees and suppliers can use this platform.

This agile system will ease the inflow of messages that can later be examined by the respective Compliance Officers, who will take the necessary steps to resolve each case appropriately.