Conjunto enmarcado de certificaciones ISO obtenidos por la empresa Gabitel ingenieros

We are a company founded in 2001 with the clear purpose of becoming the benchmark quality Telecommunications Engineering company in the province of Huelva. This commitment to quality of presentation, content and deadlines is what has led it to become the leading company in the execution of Common Telecommunications Infrastructure (ICT) projects in its province. The constant evolution of the company and the loyalty of its clients have allowed Gabitel Ingenieros to expand the services offered in the field of building and industrial engineering, extend its scope of action to other provinces and consolidate new lines of activity such as the area of electrical engineering projects, renewable energy, acoustics and telecommunications engineering projects. At present, Gabitel Ingenieros has a work team trained in different areas to cover the needs of any company that requires the collaboration of quality engineering in different sectors.

Certificación ISO 9001:200 relativo a la gestión de la calidad

It provides us with the necessary tools to describe organisational processes and their interactions.

Certificado ISO 14001:215 relativo al compromiso por la protección del medio ambiente

It allows us to manage the environmental risks associated with the activity carried out by the organisation.

Certificado ISO 45001:2018 relativo a la gestión de la seguridad y salud en el trabajo

It regulates occupational safety and health management systems, preventing occupational safety and health risks at work.

Certificación ISO 50001 referente a sistema de gestión de energía de la organización

It enables the energy commitments to be met and implemented through the implementation of an energy policy.

Certificación ISO 166002 relativa a la promoción de actividades de investigación desarrollo e innovación
It enables the energy commitments to be met and implemented through the implementation of an energy policy.
Certificado ISO SGE 21 referente a la gestión ética y socialmente responsable

It enables Gabitel to address Corporate Social Responsibility in a comprehensive manner, coordinating the resources and actions to be developed.

Certificación ISO 14064 referente a gases de efecto invernadero

It ensures that the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions is consistent, transparent and accurate.