Gabitel Ingenieros attends at FTTH Council event in Amsterdam

Once again Gabitel Ingenieros has attended to annual FTTH Council Europe event, where a big amount of companies meets in order to share their expertises for accelerate Europe FTTH deployment, and improve connectivity in the whole territory. During 12, 13 and 14 March,... read more

FTTH Conference 2018 ended attended by Gabitel Ingenieros

Once again, the international FTTH conference gave companies in the field of fibre optics a chance to network and learn about the latest advances. This year the conference took place in Valencia, organised by the FTTH Council Europe. Gabitel Ingenieros participated as... read more

Gabitel Ingenieros wins SME of the Year Award 2017 in Huelva

  Gabitel Ingenieros is the winning company of SME of the Year award in Huelva, organised by the Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Banco Santander. The other finalists for the award were ALTRAC and SAT Plus Berries, to whom we convey our congratulations for... read more

Gabitel Ingenieros will attend Metallic Mining Hall (Sevilla)

On October 17th, 18th and 19th, Sevilla will host the International Metallic Mining Hall, dedicated to a strategic sector in Europe, Spain and locally in Andalucía, where it has a unique importance.  Topics such as environmental protection, process and performance... read more

Gabitel Ingenieros enlarges facilities in Seville

Shortly one year after the inauguration of Gabitel Ingenieros offices in Seville, its facilities have been enlarged to make possible the creation of almost fifty workstations. Gabitel Ingenieros has included adyacent rooms to its offices, located on the same floor of... read more

Gabitel Group has been involved in QRVida Project

QR VIDA is a product serie that allows any mobile phone user with a QR reader app to access data for a person during emergency situations or in case of an accident. This way, both emergency crews and users who are helping can get instant access to information that can... read more

Gabitel Staff specialice in working with drones

Drones are unpiloted aircrafts, which have been strongly developed in recent years, thereby they have a lot of different shapes and funcionalities. Nowadays we normally see these gadgets used in many areas such us cinematography or rescue of people. Given Gabitel... read more