Within the company’s strategic lines, GABITEL’s commitment to specialising in the green H2 sector is particularly relevant, as this is set to be the energy vector that will replace fossil fuels in the coming years and which will therefore enable the decarbonisation of the planet and the fight against the greenhouse effect.

Thus, during the month of July, we completed our first project in this sector, consisting of the drafting of a document whose objective is to determine the technical conditions to be met for the installation of a green hydrogen production plant in the province of Cadiz, which will consist of an electrolysis and methanol synthesis and distillation plant.

Although it is not the only project of this type that we have underway, it is the first to see the light of day, and for this we feel tremendously proud. Congratulations to the whole team that has made it possible, as it has been a challenge in which we started practically from scratch and in which we have achieved customer recognition for the good work done.

The development of renewable hydrogen in Spain will bring with it a series of environmental, business, economic and social benefits, among others. Some of the opportunities that this energy source can bring to Spain are set out in the Hydrogen Roadmap:

  • To reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the environment.
  • Enable the penetration of a higher percentage of renewable energies in the electricity system, favouring a greater degree of manageability.
  • Decrease national and European energy dependence.
  • To turn Spain into one of the European powers in renewable energy generation.
  • Promote the decarbonisation of isolated energy systems, with special attention to island territories.
  • Developing the value chains of the hydrogen economy.
  • Promote Spanish energy R&D&I.

If you want to know more about green H2 you can visit the website of the Spanish Hydrogen Association.