The Electrical Engineering and Efficiency Area of GABITEL INGENIEROS offers our clients a team of more than 30 technicians with proven experience in the field of infrastructure design for the generation, distribution and consumption of energy, as well as our knowledge for the control, monitoring and optimisation of the same.


Since 2012, the joint venture formed by GABITEL INGENIEROS and INGENIEROS EMETRES, S.L.P. – IM3 – has been providing ENDESA’s MV/LV Engineering Support Services in Western Andalusia and Extremadura. In this way, our scope of action includes the provinces of Badajoz, Huelva and Seville, where we provide support to ENDESA in all processes related to New Supplies, Grid Operation and Legalisation of Installations. With regard to HV, our company has also collaborated in important projects within the ENDESA Group, both for electrical substations and transmission lines.


Our experience in electricity generation has focused on the design, works management and legalisation of renewable energy installations, mainly photovoltaic solar installations. In this sense, we have collaborated in the design of dozens of solar farms, as well as in their electrical infrastructures for medium voltage evacuation to the electricity company’s network. Our clients in this area include important companies such as: SUNEDISON, ENDESA INGENIERÍA, SOLAR PROJEKT, CAPITAL ENERGY, IDESA, etc.


For more than 10 years, our company has provided specialised electrical engineering services to other professionals (engineers, architects, developers, etc.) for the design of civil and architectural projects, as well as direct support to industrial and municipal clients in all aspects related to electrical installations: LV/MV network design, lighting and street lighting, uninterruptible power supply systems, surge suppression and lightning protection, etc. Our services are also complemented by another essential part of the process, which is comprehensive support throughout the process of legalisation and contracting of the electricity supply.