Since 2007 we have a framework contract with Ericsson, which has allowed us to develop important projects such as engineering work for FTTH network projects or the development of an Endesa telecom corporate network.

Since 2012, the JV (Joint Venture) formed by GABITEL INGENIEROS and INGENIEROS EMETRES, S.L.P- provides MT/BT Engineering Support Services for ENDESA in the Western Andalucia and Extremadura Regions. This collaboration was expanded in the year 2016 to include the provinces of Badajoz, Huelva, Sevilla, Cadiz, Cordoba and Malaga, where we provide support to ENDESA in all the processes related to New Supplies, Network Exploitation and Facility Legalization. Our company has collaborated in important projects within the ENDESA Group including electric substations and transport lines.

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