On the morning of September 28, the Corporate Social Responsibility Award Ceremony took place in Sevilla. The Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Sevilla and the Diputación of Sevilla in collaboration with Endesa, through Prodetur, hosted this yearly event.

Fernando Rodriguez Villalobos, President at the Diputación of Sevilla and Miguel Rus, President at the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Sevilla, were in charge of delivering the awards to Aljarafesa (Joint Venture of the Aljarafe), in the “large company” category and to Gabitel Ingenieros in the “Small and Medium Business” category.

There was an emphasis on our quest to do business differently, considering our staff and our suppliers, administrations and competitors as members of a global society. They valued the fact that the company’s management team merges economic needs with aspects related to work-life balance, work flexibility, transparency, inter-company cooperation, employee training, non-discrimination in hiring processes, commitment to the environment and development.

At Gabitel we join the proposal of Fernando Rodriguez Villalobos, President at the Diputación of Sevilla, who encouraged entrepreneurs to maintain an attitude in regards to society which “contributes to solve its problems” and make a special effort “to mitigate the greatest scourge of our time: unemployment”, in this sense we are proud to have a team that is constantly growing, reaching a total of 120 workers.