Once again Gabitel Ingenieros has attended to annual FTTH Council Europe event, where a big amount of companies meets in order to share their expertises for accelerate Europe FTTH deployment, and improve connectivity in the whole territory.

During 12, 13 and 14 March, over 3000 delegates from 96 different countries have gathered in Ámsterdam. Workshops, rountables and keynotes have taken place dealing with interesting issues, such as models of deployment in Europe, connectivity in rural areas or fibre regulation in different countries. More than 150 speakers of the main fibre companies, for example, Telefonica, Cityfibre, Siro and Open Fiber, among others.

Having the opportunity of share our knowledge in this field with other specialists has been an enriching experience for Gabitel Ingenieros, and we want to give thanks to all the people who we have met these days because of their kindness and the interest shown in our company. We are sure that it is just a small step that will allow us doing great things together.