In February 2020 Gabitel’s presence in the international arena was reinforced with the signing of a major contract with the UK’s largest alternative provider of fibre network infrastructure for FTTH network designs throughout the country. This undoubtedly marked a major step in our internationalisation objective.

One of our main objectives in the UK, from the beginning, has been to position ourselves as a reference company in this sector within the country and to allow Gabitel to continue to grow there and expand operations to other sectors. Working under this premise, all the available resources were made available, where day by day each of the Cityfibre team members have been striving to excel and achieve the quality standards set with greater demand in time and form. But we were aware that it was not enough, as it was necessary to have a “physical presence” to give it shape as a company, this promoted that in December 2020 Gabitel Solutions L.T.D. was established as a subsidiary company in the United Kingdom of Gabitel Soluciones Técnicas S.L.

Despite having to overcome major obstacles, such as Brexit, the pandemic caused by COVID and facing new labour regulations unknown to us until then as it was another country, we can share with everyone that today our English subsidiary Gabitel Solutions is fully operational. And already today it has the first incorporations managed last May. A total of three new colleagues have been hired directly through our subsidiary, Enrique, Guillermo and Bernardo, who have joined the Survey Team of the project.

The plan is to continue increasing the local staff. During the first fortnight of June, a new recruit is already confirmed, and three more may join before the end of the month. Our initial aim is not only maintained, but in spite of the barriers encountered, it is being fulfilled and becoming more ambitious with the aim of achieving a consolidated and professionalised local workforce as a reference within the sector in this country.

We are proud to be able to say that, despite all the difficulties mentioned above, we are moving forward step by step to achieve the ambitious goal of growing internationally and becoming a benchmark in other markets.