Last July, Gonzalo Leandro Bravo, founder of the company Gabitel Ingenieros, was posthumously awarded with two meritorious recognitions for his untiring business work and for the effort he made in the creation of our company, Gabitel Ingenieros, which was promoted by him to reach a remarkable prestige not only in Andalusia, but also nationally and even internationally.

One of the recognitions to which we refer is the Huelva Prize of the Year in the category of Economy and Business, famous in Huelva society through the newspaper Huelva Información.

The other distinction comes from the Huelva Federation of Businesses, and consists of approving the Prize for the Best Idea or Business Initiative, which from now on will bear the name of Gonzalo Leandro, with the intention of remembering his figure as a successful entrepreneur, thus serving as an example for future generations.

Both awards are a pleasing recognition of the effort made during a professional career that began very young, creating a company from scratch and that currently has a presence in several Andalusian cities and is developing its work also outside our borders in countries such as England, Germany, Poland, Italy, etc.

These distinctions are added to others that he had already achieved during his life for his work, among which are the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2017, the Innovative Initiative Award in 2016, SME of the Year in Huelva in 2017, Entrepreneur of the Year to Gabitel Ingenieros in 2018, and the Distinction of the Andalusian Government in 2018.

At Gabitel Ingenieros we feel very proud of these recognitions, for being part of them in a certain way, but above all, for valuing a person like Gonzalo Leandro, who contributed so much to us professionally and personally.