Professional coaching consists in the establishment of a relationship intended to obtain extraordinary results for us in all aspects of our lives including our profession.

Coaching must be based on respect for the other, leaving space for his/her personal development according to their needs but always in pursue of improved communication and self-knowledge.

As we always say, one of the bases for the correct operation of our company is the trust we have for our team, the persons who are part of it and the relationships between them. This is why we considered this intensive coaching session as an enriching activity for everyone, to strengthen our foundation and we were correct.

On Thursday, November 11th at 8am we gathered a group of 22 people including managers, coordinators and project managers from our company who blindly put themselves in the hands of Jesus Pelayo, Lola Pelayo from Cambiar para Crecer for two days of Outdoor Training and we say “blindly” not only because they completely trusted the coaches professionalism but also because the participants only knew the meeting time and clothing and that they would spend the next two days doing something different from their usual routine, without information about the destination or the type of activities in which they would participate.

The experiences we had in these two days were so rewarding and we recommend this coaching session so much that we will not describe in detail the dynamics of the sessions in an effort not to damage the halo of illusion and nervousness that surrounded the team in the days that preceded the workshop. We do want to mention the wonderful staff of Andevalo Aventura who got involved in getting our team to take advantage as much as possible during these two days.

Thanks to these workshops our team members:
• Worked on their sense of belonging, linking their team spirit to the individual identity of each member.
• Were able to overcome their personal fears, leaning on their trust for their team members.
• Learned about the importance of having a fluid and positive communication while performing work tasks and to increase productivity.
• Understood that mistakes are part of any process and opportunities to learn.
• Understood the need to start a constructive dialogue between its members.
• Observed the different types of leadership styles, which should be taken into consideration for each stage of any process.