Following our expansion process beyond the national territory and being faithful to our objectives set out in Gabitel’s Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022, we are moving forward on this path of growth in Latin America with the help of the Management & Research team, who will guide our first steps and begin this process of internalisation in LATAM, which will allow us to make investments in both commercial and organisational terms to enable us to achieve a better position in the sector.

Management & Research is an advanced consultancy services company specialised in working on the design, advice, implementation and evaluation of public policies for local, regional and national development for agencies, entities, organisations and companies of all kinds, public and/or private, in the transfer of good practices at an international level. M&R’s professional team has extensive professional, research and training experience, which, in turn, allows them to count on a network of experts and institutions within the international sphere to carry out the execution of projects anywhere in the world, Latin America being one of their main areas of work.

M&R’s collaboration with Gabitel will facilitate the integration of the necessary processes of adaptation and transformation, as well as to mark the strategic values of sustenance and improvement of competitiveness within the Latin American market, channelling the needs and our corporate expectations within the engineering sector in an area unknown to us today.