Cartaya Town Hall has awarded us a curious project for the Regularisation and Updating of the Municipal and Fiscal Register of Terrazgos. The Terrazgos is the name given in Cartaya to the plots of land segregated from the municipal land as cultivation plots, ceded under a royalty system to local farmers.

The objective is to visit and inventory all these plots, identifying their current concessionaires, infrastructures and existing crops, using this information to create a Geographic Information System that links all the data collected with the cartography of the farms.

We have also been contracted to carry out the Urban Development Project for the facilities located in Casa del Gato, with a view to the regularisation of environmental training and leisure activities, active and nature tourism, and other activities related to the dissemination of actions in the forest environment. These facilities are located in the Campo Común de Abajo, and are integrated in the formidable masses of coastal pine forest of the locality.