At GABITEL INGENIEROS we are conscious of the importance of support personnel for technological tools that adapt to our clients’ needs.

In this scenario a partnership with a software engineering company can make a difference when developing a project to be offered to a client.

Pronamic Ingenieros is a company specialized in the New Technology and Computing areas. Thanks to our partnership with them, we can constantly broaden our R+D+I (Research, Development and Innovation).

The goal of this partnership is to broaden our service portfolio giving our customers solutions that allow them to take advantage of all the technological resources, building a customized product with the power and scalability of cloud technologies, to enable the project to grow successfully.


Main platforms:



The DocuCAE platform is developed as an online system for the fulfillment of RD 171/2004 of Business Activity Coordination. With DocuCAE, the user has control over the documentation necessary to access the facilities for contractors and sub-contractors who need to access the main company complex to do perform work or provide services. With this system we give the company an effective tool for document control, in which there is easy access to the documents of any contractor and sub-contractor from any equipment and at any time.  The user will be able to manage, from the platform, Business Activity Coordination Meetings directly, thanks to alerts and notifications to every participant.


Profact is an online platform designed to ease the use of electronic billing for companies and enabling them to manage all the billing needs of the company. The user will be able to issue electronic invoices in the official FacturaE format and send them directly by email to their clients.  Also, the user will be able to define periodic invoices and program alarms with reminders about each invoice, order, budget, etc, with the goal of making the process easier. The user will have a customized email address to which suppliers can send the corresponding invoices, in turn; these can be automatically processed by Profact, allowing a more efficient classification and organization.



Leyprodatos is an online platform in which the user can adapt a company to the LOPD (Data Protection Laws). With our Guided Adaptation System, the user will have access to wizards, which will guide him or her in the process.  The user will not need to have knowledge of the law itself since all the key concepts are explained as needed. In Leyprodatos we have placed special attention to making the law accessible to the user in a simple and understandable way.  At the end of this process the user will have enough knowledge to better manage day-to-day implications of the law.  The platform has been contrasted and valued positively by our clients and business network.  Thanks to Leyprodatos we received the “AJE Huelva 2009 Entrepreneurial Initiative Award” for providing a new vision about the enforcement of this law and bringing it closer to business owners.


Proasesorias is more than a simple document management Suite for advising or professional office. Proasesorias doesn’t make, calculate or issue any document by itself. It allows the adviser to save and make available to its customers all the documentation that is generated in the Advising Office, making it part of an application developed from the adviser’s point of view.  These complement rather than substitute other applications and provide resources to the office’s customers. It distributes the tasks that the adviser and the client must attend to in a reasoned and reliable way. From there it offers several resources, conceived as complements to the documentation itself and to improve the efficiency in communication between the professional and the client.