The area of telecom at GABITEL INGENIEROS is aimed at offering each client a quick response to his or her specific needs, providing the best possible solution at the lowest cost and with the greatest possible security guarantees. Our specialization areas comprise the design and management of public operator networks and corporate networks for large companies, while carrying out other, smaller projects to fulfill specific needs of our clients.




In the last few years our company has become specialized in the deployment of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks. Our team of 150 experienced technicians work in projects developed for the main companies in the field (ERICSSON, COBRA, ELECNOR, AMETEL, CABLEVEN, among others). 

In this field, our engineering services include:

  • Network Backbone Design
  • Distribution Network Design
  • Splicing
  • GIS Load and Inventory
  • Quality Review and Control
  • Coding
  • As Built Drawings
  • Site Survey
  • Permits

Gabitel Ingenieros has collaborated in connecting over 8.000.000 homes, in Spain, Italy, France, Argentina and United States.



For more than 14 years, GABITEL INGENIEROS has provided a wide range of services to its clients in the mobile communications field, participating through the main vendors (ERICSSON, HUAWEI, etc.) in a variety of projects for public operators (MOVISTAR, ORANGE, VODAFONE, YOIGO, among others). This is how our company has accumulated a wide range of experience in the design, construction management, and complex communication project supervision ranging from the deployment of Mobile Service Networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE/4G,…), to point to point radio links (WiMax, licensed band, among others.) or TDT diffusion projects.




In the field of telecom for the electric sector, our company has extensive experience in projects developed for ENDESA. These projects range from integration of new substations in Remote Networks, to Transmission Network projects (PDH, SDH, radio links, among others), Corporate Mobile and Data Network, Radiotelephony Network (PMR, Voting…). We have also participated in projects for Red Eléctrica de España (REE) or Spanish Electric Network, and in the year 2011 we obtained the qualification as suppliers in this area.




New technologies have redefined the way people do business, this is why our clients look for new ways to improve services, reducing costs and risks. GABITEL INGENIEROS has the capacity to execute any process related to professional services in the field of telecommunications that can be done externally, offering technical department support (engineering, delineation…) service and project management, support to network management centers or contact centers, among others.