From the Environment Department of GABITEL, we wanted to highlight this day among all those that appear on the calendar. Throughout the year we can celebrate countless days related to nature: World Oceans Day, World Biodiversity Day, World Bird Day, Ramsar Wetlands Day, World Water Day, World Climate Day, etc., all of them equally necessary and important; however, the 5th of June is undoubtedly the big day, the day of all days, it is the day of the ENVIRONMENT.

And this is where the following question arises: what does the ENVIRONMENT mean? Its perception has been transformed over time, to such an extent that it has become an immense laboratory open to the public. It is the result of a process of adaptation and selection. It could be defined very simply as the compendium of natural, social and cultural values existing in a given place and at a given time, which influence the material and psychological life of mankind and the future of generations to come (MITECO). Therefore, according to this definition, man plays the leading role in the state of the environment, and every year, the celebration of this day focuses on man’s actions for/with the environment.

For the year 2021, the United Nations has chosen the slogan RESTORING ECOSYSTEMS: REIMAGINE, RECREATE, RESTORE. The slogans of previous years, “Time for Nature” (2020) or “Unite for a planet without air pollution” (2019) called in a hopeful way to connect with nature, to make a last effort to stop the disruption of nature’s delicate balance. However, this year’s 2021 is a resounding slogan that makes it clear that there is no turning back, that the damage has been done but all is not lost. And to this phrase we will cling like a burning nail, we STILL HAVE TIME.

Here is a practical guide to healing the planet (ONU Environment Programme).