British Embassy in Spain has honoured GABITEL with the “New UK investor” award for its exceptional expansion to the UK during the second edition of the “Trade & Investment Awards”. Ceremony took place this Wednesday March 10th. During the ceremony, broadcasted through a digital platform, it was given the mentioned award to Mr. Rodrigo Delgado, CEO of GABITEL, who made a grateful speech for the honour and award received and spotted GABITEL´s compromise to continue investing and growing in the UK.


International vocation of GABITEL, besides the award of an important engineering contract for fiber optic deployment (Fiber To The House – FTTH) eary 2020, has made possible the establishment of GABITEL branch in the UK, GABITEL SOLUTIONS, LTD, what has also helped us to make the decision to open a branch in Germany also in 2021.


GABITEL team feels very honoured and proud for this award, thanks to the continuous endevours and high performance of all GABITEL members that contribute, day by day, to build our Vision as company.


Our deepest grateful to the British Embassy in Spain for his continuous support and this award and specially to the DIT (Department for International Trade) members for their invaluable help that they have provided to us during the last months, and we are sure they will continue providing such gorgeous support, not only to us, but to any company interested in make UK grow in the coming years.