GABITEL INGENIEROS has an experienced group of experts that enables us to offer a wide range of services, regardless of the scale and complexity of the project. Our work philosophy is based on defending the interests of our clients as if they were our own, offering inmediate solutions from the first moment within the range of contracted services.

  • Technical Consulting and AssistanceWe are not the typical consulting firm; our consulting focus is based on our own technical capabilities and the collaboration of the best professionals in each field, ensuring 100% success in our service.  Our track record encompasses both consulting for big companies (preparation of documents to participate in government contracts, strategic plans, etc) and technical assistance for smaller projects (technology selection, purchase process support, etc).
  • Project ManagementBesides the Design and Engineering, it is frequent to have clients trust us with Project Management tasks, in which case we supervise the construction and management of contractors looking after their interests.  This way, we guarantee that the construction process is completed with the adequate quality and safety standards and always within the approved budget. This is how we ensure the correct legalization of the projects and provision of services on the correct date and time (electricity, water, gas, etc).
  • Health and Safety CoordinationGABITEL INGENIEROS has a team of qualified experts to provide our clients with the services of Safety and Health Coordination required by current legislation.  Beyond the formal aspects, we get involved in the process of providing clear and concise advising about concrete health and safety measures, evaluating risks, safety plans, etc.
  • Industrial SafetyThe engineering team at GABITEL INGENIEROS approaches projects with a particular focus on risks associated with the construction process and the later use of facilities.  Our expert team knows how to find solutions that ensure compliance with current rules and regulations (ATEX, fire regulations, etc.) minimizing potential risks and guaranteeing environmental protection.