During this year 2020 we have been developing the “Densification” project for the final customer UKE (Office of Electronic Communications), through Nokia.

The project, which began in June 2018, has consisted in the redesign and extension to residential areas of what will be the next fiber optic lines that will run through the provinces of Kujawsko-pomorskie, Lodz, Świętokrzyskie and Warmińsko-mazurskie.

The total volume of homes designed amounts to 157,895, which has been a great challenge for Gabitel’s technicians, who once again, demonstrating their professionalism and knowledge in this type of design, have been able to carry out this work. So much so that Nokia has congratulated Gabitel on the work carried out.

Basically, the final design (FDD) of what would be built was made, focusing mainly on the list of materials and budget (BOQ), as the most important deliverables.

As a consequence of the good work done in these months, Gabitel will continue working in a new phase.

In this way Gabitel reaffirms its presence in Poland and internationally as one of the reference engineering companies in the FTTP sector