On October 27, 2016 Gabitel received the new ISO 50.001:2011 certificate at our headquarters in Huelva. Our Director Rodrigo Delgado received the certificate from the hands of the SGS Delegate in the Andalusia Region, Antonio Ibañez, who praised our company for being the first engineering firm in Spain to obtain this certification from SGS, accredited by ENAC. This norm adds to the ISO 9.001:2008, ISO 14.001:2004 and OSHAS 18.001:2007 seals, which until today constituted the Certificates of Gabitel Ingenieros’ Integrated Management System.

The new UCE-EN ISO 50.001:2011 certification is the result of a long process in which, since 2011, more than 60 countries have participated to guarantee its suitability for the entire planet. This norm defines the necessary requirements for the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of energy management systems. Its objective is to help organizations continuously improve their energy management at their commercial and industrial facilities, contributing to their energy use optimization and reducing their services operative costs.

This norm provides an image of efficient energy management that companies have, in this case Gabitel Ingenieros. It communicates to clients and employees the procedure to develop and manage the organizational energy policy, allowing its optimization in the short, medium and long term, at its facilities. Antonio Ibañez highlighted the fact that receiving this certificate is not a goal in itself but rather the beginning of a long path in which energy efficiency is always present.

By obtaining this certificate, Gabitel Ingenieros achieved one of its goals set for 2016 to certify its work to reduce and optimize energy consumption. For us, energy savings is not only a cost or image issue, but also an important aspect of competitiveness.

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